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Re-inventing same day care

Triage, Registration, & Individualized Wait Time Predictions

The first ever centralized digital platform for patient registration, clinical triage, individualized wait time predictions and ideal care environment redirection.

We’re leading the way using cutting edge artificial intelligence to help achieve the quadruple aim in healthcare.


Our Vision

The Quadruple Aim in Healthcare

Improving Patient Satisfaction

Emergency rooms are synonymous with stress, discomfort and a lack of communication for patients. EmergConnect improves patient experiences, timeliness of care, and access to care while reducing patient stress and risk infectious disease transmission including COVID-19.

Our Vision

Reducing Clinician Burnout

EmergConnect reduces clinician workloads in all areas of care. Giving clinicians the opportunity to spend less time at their computers and more time taking care of patients.

Improving System Efficiency

EmergConnect uses powerful artificial intelligence and system automation to address systemic inefficiencies. Reducing the number of patients seeking inappropriate care, and optimizing workflows for providers.

Reducing Cost of Care

EmergConnect’s data tools and system automations translate to decreased cost of care per patient for providers. While using powerful artificial intelligence to optimize overall system efficiency.

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