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Patient Facing AI Healthcare Solutions

The first ever end-to-end centralized digital platform for patient registration, clinical triage, individualized wait time predictions and ideal care environment redirection. 

EmergConnect is a simple mobile app that facilitates registration, asks patients easy to understand questions, and uses natural language artificial intelligence to determine why they’re seeking care. EmergConnect’s research developed machine learning systems conduct meaningful triage, rule our high risk patients, and predict individualized wait times. Clinicians seamlessly access data through EmergConnect systems for downstream clinical workflows.

EmergConnect is for:





Improving patient satisfaction, timeliness of care, and access to care. While reducing patient stress and risk of infectious disease transmission including COVID-19.

Individualized Wait Time Predictions

EmergConnect answers the number one question on every patient's mind: How long am I going to wait? EmergConnect uses researched developed AI to predict not just the general wait times, but your wait times.


Meaningful Provider Connections

Waiting rooms can leave patients feeling disconnected. EmergConnect helps patients feel connected while still decreasing clinician workloads and improving system efficiency.


Improved Patient Satisfaction

Better Access to Care

Faster Access to Care

Decreased Patient Stress


Cutting administrative costs, automating data input, providing triage for virtual care, decreasing overall wait times, and reducing clinician burnout.

AI-Driven Clinical Triage

EmergConnect uses cutting edge, research developed artificial intelligence as well as seamless integration with existing tools to create an end-to-end patient-provider experience that moves triage into the future.

Triage for Virtual Care

Virtual care is defining modern healthcare but without a modern triage solution to match. EmergConnect is here to fill that gap, offering meaningful virtual triage for virtual care. 

Data Integration

Data integration can be a challenge but EmergConnect can easily integrate with any web or desktop application through the click of a button without significant IT time.

Decreased Administrative Cost

Automated Data Input

Decreased Wait Times

Reduced Clinician Burnout


EmergConnect leverages cutting edge artificial intelligence to assist local, provincial, and federal governments with patient navigation, system efficiency and cost of care.

Reduced Overall Cost of Case

Improved System Efficiency

Seamless Patient Experience


EmergConnect AnyIntegration

Our unique approach towards data integration means that we can integrate with any system at your institution through the click of a button in a highly secure and fully complaint manner without involving significant IT time. 

Privacy and Security

Regularly privacy impact assessed, threat and risk assessed, penetration testing and vulnerability scanned. EmergConnect’s unique data flows and integration strategies mean your data is safer than ever before.